Tree Removal Services

Unfortunately at times the inevitable cannot be avoided. Sometimes a tree just has to be removed because of a safety issue, a construction or landscaping project, or to clear an open space in your yard for a pool. Whatever the reason, Monkey Business Tree Service & Landscape will review the project and choose the most efficient, timely and safe way to complete your tree service project.

Before tree removal, we will do the following:

  • What route we will use to reach the height of the tree, whether it be a bucket truck or climbing
  • Evaluate how close we can bring machinery and equipment to the structures in question
  • Safely consider obstacles and structures such as power lines, pools, porches, sheds, roof tops, and neighbors property so that damage could be avoided. All precautions will be taken before ANY work starts.
  • Consider sidewalks, driveways, septic tanks, sprinklers, etc. All precautions will be addressed at the time of the estimate.

No matter the location of the trees that are in need of maintenance, Monkey Business Tree Service & Landscape is equipped to handle the job. Our fleet includes cranes, bucket trucks, bobcats, and chippers. We are prepared to handle your job.

What You Should Consider Before Getting Your Tree Project Started

Before you choose Monkey Business Tree Service & Landscape, we will explain your options, needs, and our recommendations during the first assessment. How much you choose to have done will be the determining factors in pricing

  • The Works: Complete tree removal and haul, stump grinding
  • Budget Minded: Cut and place on side of road for pick up
  • The Stump: Grinding or not grinding the stump
  • Prevention is Key

It’s important to Monkey business Tree Service to avoid unnecessary damages. We know that your property is important to you. So it’s important to us. To maintain the integrity of your property, we will use specialized mats to maintain the integrity of your lawn to avoid tire ruts from equipment. Mats will also be placed on the side of your house to avoid damage to windows, siding, and paint. Fences can also be protected by these specialized mats. Needless to say, we’ve got you covered.

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